I receive letters and emails about my books all the time and wanted to share with you the comments from my readers.  

I am empowered to know the story of my life has given hope, inspiration and encouragement to others.  In the beginning, I wasn't sure if anyone would even want to read my books.

BIG NEWS!  It seems Destination America on the Discovery Channel created a new TV show all about the Alaska Railroad and the people who live and depend on it for just about everything, supplies, communications, medical help.  They call us 'Off-Griders' - those of us who live on homesteads up and down the tracks.  

The show is called RAILROAD ALASKA and the first six episodes have aired already.  My husband Clyde and I were featured on two of the episodes, the crew stayed with us on the homestead during some of the filming,  great fun!  

I am told we will be featured on several more episodes.  So watch your local listings for the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, DESTINATION AMERICA, RAILROAD ALASKA.  We are truly blessed,  

Now I have become a local celebrity (they tell me) and have made so many new friends. The entire experience has enriched my life with joy - Thank you to all my readers, and thank you to my viewers and fans. ... Mary T. Lovel

Quotes On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 6:09 AM, Gregory F wrote: Hi Mary- Just to let you know that I have finished Book #1 Golden Sands of Nome and I love it! The suspense at the end is killing me, when will your next one be out.? You have such a talent for writing, thank you! Plus, I love Alaska and do plan to return for my third time soon. Gregory & Quotes
Doreen F

Quotes Thank you for the New Year blessing. Everyone I gave the book sets to were so pleased to receive them. Our son, Steve, said "We just saw her on TV. " . They have Direct TV and can see whatever series of whatever program they choose. ( We are going to change from Dish to Direct because Dish dropped Fox news which is our favorite news.) They are looking forward to reading them. My sis-in-law, Pat, is the director of an elderly day care and just finished reading my own copies to her clients. She said they really enjoyed hearing about life in Alaska and the books sparked good memories and stories of their own. Pat was pleased to get her own gift copies! So we did good! Thanks for letting us all feel a part of your lives in Alaska. Quotes
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Quotes Another set went to our granddaughter and husband, Kaysie and Troy Thomas, who are both firefighters and live and hunt in Idaho and Nevada. And another set went to my sister, Miriam Roller and husband, in Ohio. They have been on cruises to Alaska, but haven't had the adventure of camping there. We are so privileged to have been able to do so. I'd like to order 2 more of each book, I think our Baptist church people in Independence, CA would enjoy reading them. . Stay warm! Love, Marty Quotes
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Quotes I chuckle when I think about your journey to Alaska. You were in search of freedom from overcrowding, traffic, red lights, noise, time clocks, etc. You wanted seclusion. You wanted to live by your own rules. And then something really crazy happened. The world found you. And we all love you, your family and your decision to live apart from the rest of the world. I hope we aren't making you feel too crowded in as we constantly try to invade your privacy, ride by your home hoping to get a sighting of you and show our desires to meet with you. You are like Hollywood celebrities. Quotes
Valerie M
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Quotes Thank you for allowing us into your home and heart. Thank you for sharing your lives in book form. And thank you for not running from us in order to keep your privacy. I just hope that us "gawkers" don't ruin the enjoyment you have in your life. It's ironic that you live in seclusion and somehow have more friends than most of us who live in big cities. Everyone seems to consider you "a friend" even if they haven't been blessed to meet you in person. I love it. This is a beautiful story. God bless you and your entire family. Quotes
:Valerie M.
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Quotes Dear Mary, My wife, Nancy and I, met you and Clyde at the Denali bookstore on May 21, 2014. I bought both of your books and have just finished them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life in Sherman. Your story is fascinating. This was our first trip to Alaska and thought it was absolutely beautiful. I can see why you fell in love with it. We have traveled a fair amount all over the world and have been impressed with a lot of man made things, but never have we been anywhere that we were in total awe of the beauty and the magnificence of God's creation everywhere we went in Alaska.... Quotes
Barry and Nancy G
(1 of 2) Loved your books!

Quotes When we rode by "Sherman City Hall" on the train on the way to Denali, I never thought we would meet the couple that lived there. It was a privilege meeting you and Clyde and reading your life story. It was one of the highlights of our trip. I appreciate the fact that you stated in your books how truly blessed you are and how good God is. May God continue to pour out His blessing on you and Clyde. Quotes
Barry and Nancy G
2 of 2 Loved your books! Richmond, VA John 3:16

Quotes Hello Mary-I just finished reading your book ?Suddenly It?s Spring? and enjoyed it very much. You have certainly had an interesting life. Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I admire your spirit of adventure and the importance of family to you. You have so much love in your life. My husband and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on a Princess cruise to Alaska in July. We will be going to Denali and wonder if you have any dates in July when you will be signing books there. It would be so nice to meet you in person as I feel I already know you. This will be our 4th trip to Alaska. It kind of gets in your blood. I remember the first time we went on a cruise there. We were given the cruise as a gift by my husband?s employer who was a small time dairy farmer in RI. That was it-we were hooked. Friends will be coming with us this year and celebrating their 25th anniversary. I?m so looking forward to our trip and I hope it won?t be the last. Quotes
Sue Brayman
Jamestown, RI

Quotes I am 4 years old and love to watch you and Clyde on Railroad Alaska. I wish you a Happy New Year. Quotes
(Note from Mary Lovel....Awwww!)

Quotes Hi Mary and Clyde. My name is Jason dice and I meet you and bought both your books in telkeetna last summer, I really enjoyed talking with you and couldn't put your books down. I was excided to see your familiar faces on railroad Alaska. We are planning another trip next year and going to take the train by your house. I found a card with your gmail on it that you gave me with the books and wanted to say hi and keep living the dream. Quotes
Jason Dice
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