Q:  What do you do all day?
A:  Watch the grass grow.

Q:  How many books have you written?
A:  Two

Q: Can I buy both books from this website?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Where else can I buy your books?
Alaska Railroad Gift Shop - 1st Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska
Holland America Rail Gift Shops - On all trains from Fairbanks to Anchorage
Princess Rail Gift Shops - on all trains from Anchorage to Fairbanks
Title Wave Book Shop - 1360 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, Alaska
Title Wave Book Shop - 415 W. 5th Avenue - Downtown Anchorage
Charlie's Alaska Trains - 4th Avenue - Anchorage
Alaskana Books - 546 S. Denali - Palmer, Alaska
Fireside Books - Main Street, Palmer
Pandemonium Book Store and Cafe - Wasilla, Alaska
Annabelle's Books - Under the Clock Tower - Wasilla, Alaska
Talkeetna Lodge - Talkeetna Spur Road
Talkeetna Gifts and Collectables - Main Street, Talkeetna
Tales Told Twice - behind Tanners Store - Talkeetna
Denali Dry Goods - Main Street, Talkeetna
Village Arts and Crafts - Main Street, Talkeetna
Discovery Paddle Wh4eel Gift Shop and Museum - Fairbanks, Alaska
Gullivers Books - 3525 College Road, Fairbanks
The Book Shelf - 11400 Old Glenn Hwy. - Eagle River, Alaska
The Hub of Alaska - on the Glenn Highway - in Glenallen, Alaska
Santa Claus Land - North Pole Alaska
Chena Hot Springs Gift Shop - Chena Hot Springs, Alaska 
Amazon.com - Kindle books - online 
Q:  How much does the book cost?
A:  $19.95 or two for $30.00 you can download them on Amazon Kindle for $9.99 each

Q:  Do you sell wholesale?
A:  Yes, contact me via email and we will discuss it - [email protected]

Q:  Is there a discount for buying a large number of books, say...10.
A:  Yes, email me [email protected] 

Q:  Did you really shoot that Lynx?
A,  Yes I did 
Q:  Did you really skin a bear?
A:  Yes, I did, and they smell just awful!
Q:  Do you know Sarah Palin?
A:  Not personally, but I think she is a great lady and have been at a few social functions where        she was present. 

Q:  Are you people CRAZY?
A:  Yep
Q:  Are you going to write another book?  
A:  Yes, my fans have talked me into it......it will be a work of fiction. 

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