1.  Journey To A Dream
$19.99 Paperback
$  9.99 ebook

Chronicles the Lovel family's move from Missouri to Alaska in the sixties.  Traveling  on the Alcan Highway, which was no more than a dirt road in those days, filled with pot holes and peril.  They traveled with four small children in a house trailer mounted on the back of a pick-up truck.  Further covering the battle to obtain a homestead for the family and the excitement and hardships that follow while adjusting to a wilderness lifestyle.
2.  Suddenly It's Spring
$19.99 Paperback
$  9.99 ebook
Continues the story with many adventures and what life has been like for the Lovels and their (now grown) children and grandchildren.  Many people that bought my first book wrote to me asking what happened after the sixties?  Where are the children now?  How has it been living on a homestead these many years?  So I wrote this second book to answer all the questions.  I hope you enjoy it
 by Mary T. Lovel
If you buy both Homestead books at the same time, the price for two is $30.00 

3.  Golden Sands of Nome
$8.99 Paperback
$2.99 eBook
My latest book is a work of Fiction, destined to be a trilogy, it chronicles the adventures of a young girl  during the gold rush days in Nome, Alaska early 1900's,  forced to fend for herself, due to circumstances beyond her control.  This novel is a fiction based on fact.  The main characters in this book are authentic  people, ancestors related to the author, Mary T Lovel   (me)

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if you CANNOT or DO NOT WANT to pay through PayPal, email me at:
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 (I haven't figured out how to make PayPal include the discount).

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